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Welcome to Darkfire!

Prospective Members: Please take a few moments to read the following before submitting an application so you know what our expectations are, they can be found on the main navigation bar above or by clicking the links below:

- Guild Policies

- Raid Guidelines

- Loot Council

To submit an application you will need to click on the apply to guild link on the left and register. Your access will be upgraded once you are accepted for a trial.

New Guild Members: Please register for the site with your main character's name as your username. Once you register, you will still be BLOCKED from accessing non-public content until you are manually approved.

Once you have successfully completed your trial period and become a full member, you will be promoted in-game and your site status upgraded to allow you to access the Members Only Forums, which is where access to the guild's picture galleries and informational threads about professions. Once you are able to do so, please post in the "Who are we?" thread. Thank you!

Please check the site regularly for news and raid information. For latest news, please scroll down- it is posted below. We also use the forums a lot, so be sure to check them out! For additional information, whatever questions you might find, contact us in game:

Guild Master : Gimilkhad (Me;-)

Officers: Vixx, Side

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